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Training & Classes

We are offering training and classes in a number of formats to best accommodate your interests and expertise.

  • In our training facility
  • At your office
  • On line

All the training sessions and classes are conducted by a coMra Therapy Certified professional.

To join our rapidly growing team and uncover the incredible healing opportunities available at your fingertips with coMra therapy, call today to join our next training seminar.


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RTLOfficial Training by Radiant Life Technologies ®

Healing with coMra-Therapy: Online Course

  Learn more and unlock the benefits of coMra-Therapy from the convenience of your home!

The coMra-Therapy Training and Online Course is presented by Dr. Arzhan Surazakov, PhD, and Garrett Murrin, RLT Regional Manager of North America.

Garrett Arzhan

Course Syllabus:


  1. Learn what it takes to unlock the potential of coMra-Therapy in your practice
    • Watch pre-recorded presentations and study material at your own pace
    • Learn the concept and principles of coMra-Therapy to be able to …
      • Tailor treatments to unique health needs of your clients,
      • Design new treatments and
      • Discover what else coMra-Therapy can be used for
  2. Experiment and feedback
    • Weekly homework is given to immediately implement new material
    • Participate in weekly live discussions of clinical experience
  3. Tools and materials are provided to the practitioners in order to educate their clients
    • You will be provided with a copy of all course material
    • A dedicated presentation software is included in the price of the course
    • Instructions are given on how to reuse the course material in order to build your own presentations
  4. Become a certified coMra practitioner
  5. Join a network of coMra practitioners



January 10 Introductory meeting. Live Webex conference call

        Week 1. Jan 11 – 17, Concept of coMra-Therapy, Delta device and User Guide

       Week 2. Jan 18 – 24, Benefits and Safety

       Week 3. Jan 25 – 31, Treatments

       Week 4. Feb 1 – 7, Healing process

       Week 5. Feb 8 – 14, 980 and 905 technology

       Week 6. Feb 15 – 21, Universal treatments

       Week 7. Feb 22 – 27, Guiding clients and integrative care

       Feb 28.  Exam



$200 USD per participant.


Payment deadline January 6, 2016

Course requirements

  1. Access to Delta device for practice
  2. Computer minimum requirements:
    • Be able to connect to Cisco WebEx Meeting Center (requirements)
    • Be able to install Electron (requirements)
    • High speed internet, video camera and headset for videoconferencing

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