Dare to live your dream….

Unlock your full potential as a healer and enlighten your clients on how they can help heal themselves!

Do you dream of ways to enhance your success and financial independence?

Do you have a large network of clients and professional colleagues?

Do you ever find you are limited in how much you can help certain individuals who are greatly suffering and wish you could help them more?


The coMra-Business & Finance Services Team will provide you with solutions and optimize your practice’s revenue.

We will assist you and your staff in order for you to save time and money through the introduction of easy-to-implement strategies and procedures. The following are different options available so you can begin expanding your practice today, regardless of your current financial state:

  • Having Delta Lasers allow you to benefit from multiple income streams:
    • Treatments, sales, rentals, case reports, referrals.
  • Lease-to-own program available to qualified practitioners.
  • An easily affordable program with great return on investment and low total cost of ownership.
  • Guidelines for building packages, as well as pricing.


The Opportunity 

If you are a state licensed therapist (of ANY kind!) looking to expand your opportunities and abilities in the healing field – you are at the right place.

coMra therapy is an exciting technology with the ability to help with nearly an unlimited amount of health conditions! coMra therapy’s success in relieving pain of almost any kind in a non-invasive and all natural manner is creating quite a stir in the medical community.

Patients treated with coMra therapy can experience significant results in as little as one session! (However, especially for chronic conditions, a protocol averaging 15-20 treatments is necessary for full results)

coMra therapy is a patented technology combining four modalities into one device (hence “coMra” therapy) which focuses the healing energy to be efficiently absorbed into the body. This process initiates and expedites healing on a cellular level, accelerating the body’s natural healing mechanisms.

The results are clear – take few minutes and read the studies that are published at or jump straight to the blog at

For those who are currently healing practitioners, becoming a coMra therapy specialist is a straight forward process. The professional training is FREE with a purchase of a Delta set, which includes the medical device which uses coMra therapy, a wall plug-in, mobile battery, and protocol book with scripts for over 200 conditions. With this training you will automatically become a member of our professional referral network as well as qualify to receive large commissions for referrals for both services and device sales. coMra training classes will take place at our main office in Boca Raton, Plantation or Aventura.

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