In Addition to the many treatments we provide ask us about:
  • Deep Tissue Laser - Relax and Rejuvenate
  • Wellness program - Empower your body
  • Detox protocol - Time to stop Smoking and more
  • Fungus Treatment - Toenail Fingernail
  • Weight loss program - Enjoy your new you


Laser Therapy or Low Level Laser Therapy is a treatment that utilizes specific wavelengths of light to interact with tissue. It can be used on patients who suffer from a variety of acute and chronic conditions in order to help eliminate pain, swelling, reduce spasms and increase functionality.

Cell Function Stimulation = Pain Relief

We treat painful symptoms of Arthritis, Bursitis, Carpal Tunnel, Epicondylitis, Neck Pain, Fibromyalgia, Hip, Shoulder and Knee Pain, Lower Back Pain, Rotator Cuff, Migraines, Neuropathy, Trigeminal Neuralgia, Sciatica, Tendonitis, TMJ, as well as other painful neurological symptoms.


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In our clinics we utilize medical devices from the leading manufacturers in the industry

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