Our Mission Statement

"We know it works, our patients know it works... its time the world knows Carmen Care Laser can work!"




Founder/Clinical Director

Leslie was born in New York yet raised and educated in the medical field in Zurich Switzerland. Although she spent several years working in the Psychiatric ward for a tropical disease specialists and in the OR, she always had a love for alternative medicine. So when her daughter Lee was diagnosed in 2010 with Trigeminal Neuralgia (severe facial nerve pain), surgery and long term medication was going to be the last resort. When laser therapy gave Lee her life back, Leslie made it her mission to educate patients about this safe alternative. After special training she opened Carmen Care Laser in Boca Raton. Hundreds of patients suffering with many various painful conditions have found pain relief, some even complete pain relief, after the laser therapy treatments. Along with Laser Detox and emotional support, more and more patients are finely finding pain relief.

Leslie is a certified Laser Therapist, Laser safety officer, PSYCH-K facilitator, REIKI master and teacher, and Licensed through the Commission on Religious Counseling & Healing.


Nicole Baldwin

Managing Partner

Nicole has a business degree and graduated as a computer programmer, but quickly realized that her true passion was in the health and beauty field. Nicole was born in Germany and moved to the United States in 1996 to continue her career. She is now a licensed Medical Esthetician CPE & Laser Technician with over 30 years of experience in the beauty, health and wellness industry.  Prior to joining Carmen Care, Nicole worked for 9 years for one of South Florida’s most prominent Plastic Surgeon where she contributed building a very successful practice. She is now a proud member of the Carmen Care team and is excited to share her years of knowledge about products and beauty treatments. Patients appreciate Nicole’s kind personality, professional advice, and service. She is a longtime advocate of non-invasive, non-medicated alternative pain treatments, and her extensive know how with laser therapy is a huge asset to all Carmen Care patients.




Lead Laser Therapist

Thanks to laser therapy back in 2010, Lee recovered from Trigeminal Neuralgia and has worked as a laser therapist ever since Carmen Care opened their doors.



Senior Laser Therapist

Heather has been a laser therapist with Carmen Care since 2014. She also specializes in Plant Based Nutritional Counseling and is a Senior WaLu Tai Chi Conditioning Instructor.