Attention Deficit Disorder in Adults

Attention deficit disorder (ADD) is a prevalent but often unrecognized disorder in adults. The majority of the adults begin recognizing their underlying attention deficit disorder due to the addiction problems, mood disorders (depression, anxiety, bipolar affective disorders, and dysthymia) and personality disorders.

Clues that suggest the presence of ADD include instability in work and relationships; self-reports of disorganization or problems completing tasks; history of school problems of various kinds; and in many instances, drug and alcohol use. Recurring (and consistent) problems in various areas of patients’ lives, rather than a single problem in just one area, suggest the possibility of ADD. Patients might also describe symptoms of restlessness or mood swings or problems focusing. These problems are sometimes overlooked or mistaken for symptoms of other disorders, such as anxiety or depression.

Patients and/or their family members or spouses refer:

  • Can’t sit through meetings (checking email, scribbling notes)
  • Impatient (hates waiting in lines), interrupts others
  • Drives fast, likes active jobs, always on the go
  • Inner restlessness
  • Avoiding tasks or jobs that require concentration
  • Difficulty initiating tasks
  • Difficulty organizing details required for a task
  • Difficulty recalling details required for a task
  • Poor time management, losing track of time
  • Indecision and doubt
  • Hesitation of execution
  • Difficulty persevering or completing and following through on tasks
  • Delayed stop and transition of concentration from one task to another

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