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So, did you seen the "Brazilian butt-lift" video Lindsey posted on our Instagram earlier this week? If you haven't CLICK HERE. You know us, we’re always bringing you the latest and greatest trends in anti-aging! So, if you haven’t heard of Carmen Care Laser Therapy in Boca Raton yet, you’ll want to listen closely, because they have more or less changed our lives forever. Guys, it's literally sucking out the cellulite and stretch marks on the back of Lindsey's legs and buttocks. Make sure to stick around until the end of this post for exclusive deals only being offered to our readers.

One of the main questions we have received is, "does it hurt?" No, not at all. It's actually quite relaxing and feels good. Not only does it help esthetically, but this treatment is really good for you too. It starts off with a mandatory Lymphatic Drainage with the machine to help increase lymph flow. With an increase of lymph flow your immune function is increased, which means harmful substances are removed from the tissues giving the area you're working on a cleansed state to ensure the best results.


Carmen Care is the only med spa in the country (yes, the only one in the U.S.) that offers Bella Shape laser treatments by Icoone Technology. What is Icoone Technology? It may look like a crazy octopus with long tentacles, but it is quite the opposite.

Those long tentacles contain a non-invasive laser suction device that tones, contours, smooths and sucks away fat all over your body. What does this mean for you? Well, you can basically have the body of a supermodel without working out. Just kidding, but not really. This machine can work and target more areas of your body such as the stomach and face - bye bye Botox! 

Before each treatment you're required to put on one of Icoone Laser's compression body suits to help speed along the results, and for hygiene purposes as well. How chic? 

We tried the Icoone treatment at Carmen Care earlier this week and went in a little skeptical, but became totally shocked when we saw IMMEDIATE results - yes, immediate. Granted, we all have different bodies and they recommend 8-10 sessions for longevity and to fully see the results. For those of you wondering if it hurts, it doesn’t.


For those of you who suffer with pain or know people suffering with pain (because who doesn’t?) Carmen Care also specializes in laser therapy treatments for pain management. We’ve met some of their patients and talked to them at length about their experience with the laser treatments and they are completely in shock and in awe over what Carmen Care has done for them. People on the verge of surgery have come to Carmen Care as a last resort and have never looked back. If you’ve started to listen to your own body and notice changes you’re not happy with, call them. They are life-changing.

We can't say enough good things about the Icoone Technology treatment and all of the treatments that are offered at Carmen Care for that matter. We still have about 4 more treatments to complete, so we will be reporting back on the results as we go, so you're all able to get an inside look into how effective and fast this machine can be. 

So, now you want to make an appointment for the Icoone Technology treatment at Carmen Care, don't you? ALL LLScene followers will receive each treatment for $150 each (normally $175) and must mention LLScene when you make the appointment and when you check out in order to get this special pricing. Worth every penny. You are welcome. 


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