Hear what our patients are saying about their results!


Headaches - Laser Therapy

When July would come around, James would sit in his chair for weeks without moving due to severe occipital neuralgia and combined Trigeminal Neuralgia Syndrome.


Tendonitis - Laser Therapy

Just a few laser therapy treatments and Hector is out running again!


Knee Pain - Laser Therapy

“ Here at Carmen Care Advanced Laser Therapy we have helped many patients avoid surgery and remember what life is like pain free! We have a 90% success rate. ”


Knee Pain - Laser Therapy

“ Annie struggled to walk into our office but after ONE treatment with CoMra Therapy (Laser Therapy with a Delta Laser) was able to walk to lunch later that same day. Annie’s first treatment was 2 weeks ago before this video and she is still PAIN FREE!!! Annie is a great example for some of our patients experiencing instant results, however we highly suggest finishing the recommended protocols in order to reach a full pain free future! Having our patients finish their protocols allows us to maintain our 90% success rate! ”


Back Pain - Laser Therapy

Johnny a sceptic at first, but now so thankful he gave laser therapy a chance.


Carpal Tunnel - Laser Therapy

“ Here at Carmen Care Advanced Laser Therapy we have helped many patients avoid surgery and remember what life is like pain free! We have a 90% success rate. ”


Stage 5 Kidney Failure - Laser Therapy

Linda started laser therapy treatments in 2013 and is still feeling strong now in 2018. She has never been on dialysis! 

Rotator Cuff

“Thanks to Laser Therapy I played golf for three days in a row and was PAIN FREE. I would
never have believed something so non-invasive could be so effective!”
Larry G. Delray Beach

Spinal Stenosis

“Many thanks, Carmen Care! Because of Laser Therapy, I no longer need to use my wheel
Milton W. Delray Beach


“Since my treatments ended 8 months ago I have been pain free. I am so glad that I saw you in
the paper an decided to try the laser treatments. You are truly amazing. Thanks again!”
Donna B. Boca Raton

Laser Therapy

I don’t have difficulty getting in and out of my car – I can walk unassisted – I have so much more energy – I finally had a good night sleep – I played golf today without any pain – I don’t need a sling for my shoulder – After years of immobility, I could finally raise my shoulder to wash my hair – No more headaches – I haven’t taken my pain meds for days – I could bend down to put on my shoes today – I went kayaking and had no back pain – I could finally play tennis yesterday – I washed my dishes without crying – I drive so much better now that I can turn my neck – I can’t believe I danced all night at my sister’s Birthday party – My handicap is down were it used to be and my golf game is better than ever – I can’t believe this is not known all over the US – My Husband is so happy to have me back smiling again – I never thought I could truly say, that I am pain free again!

Trigeminal Neuralgia

I brushed my teeth today for the first time in years – I can eat the food I love again without setting off a pain attack – I’m no longer taking pain meds – I am able to sleep in my bed instead of the recliner – I can touch my face! – I was at the beach with the wind in my face – I can say my letters B and P without pain – I can talk so much better now – I can wash my face with a cloth again – I was able to stop taking the drugs that make me feel like a Zombie – My family is so happy to see me smiling again – Life is worth living again!